EDITORIAL: Mission continues to find ways to give back and serve those in need in the community

Published 9:32 pm Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Edmundite Missions spent three days this week visiting elementary schools to give out much needed school supplies to students.

In a single day, the Edmundites supplied 175 bags containing pens, paper and other supplies to students. President and CEO of Edmundite Missions Chad McEachern told the Times-Journal that he expected to give away nearly 1,500 bags over all three days.

The Edmundite Missions continues to prove itself as a valuable part of the Selma community. This donation to the students at Sophia P. Kingston, Payne and Clark Elementary Schools is unique in its timing. Pens run out of ink, paper gets thrown away and crayons get lost all the time.

By stepping in during the spring term, the Edmundites effectively give the students a fresh start with new supplies to work with.

Not only does it help the students, but also the parents and teachers who have to buy new supplies before and during each school year. Everyday, the Edmundites are helping hundreds of people with their service. Whether it be through the free meals at the Bosco Nutrition Center, the toy drives at Christmas or school supplies donations, the Edmundites have a hand in making life a little easier for those in need. Selma is lucky to have the Edmundite Missions on Broad Street. Selma is fortunate that they are here to serve them, feed them and not expect a penny in return.