Double murder suspect makes court appearance

Published 5:39 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Dallas County man charged with two counts of capital murder for allegedly killing two men and setting their car on fire Saturday made his first appearance in court Wednesday.

Cristopher Gordon, 29, appeared before Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins for an arraignment hearing. According to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson, Gordon is still being held without bond.

Jackson said Wiggins appointed Selma attorney Danny Crenshaw to represent Gordon in the case, and is in the process of scheduling a preliminary hearing.

Gordon was arrested Monday after allegedly admitting to shooting and killing 31-year-old Antonio Green and 40-year-old Corey Hardy during an apparent drug deal.

“During questioning, he admitted to his involvement in it,” said Capt. Mike Granthum with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. “He said things just got out of hand. They met like they normally do, and things got out of hand. He felt like maybe he was being taken advantage of, so he decided to turn the table.”

Granthum said Gordon admitted to firing shots into the car and shooting one of the men after he got out. Green, who was in the passenger seat, was shot while inside the vehicle. Hardy was able to get out, but he was gunned down across the road.

The fatal shooting, which happened near the intersection of Dallas County Road 7 and 30 around 10:30 a.m., was witnessed by several hunters in the area at the time. They were able to provide investigators with detailed information on what happened.

After the shooting, some of the hunters got in their truck and tried to follow Gordon, but he lost them when he turned onto U.S. Highway 80 headed towards Lowndes County.

Gordon was arrested Monday after his truck was spotted parked at a house in Lowndes County.

“We had some information that the truck could possibly be located in Lowndes County, so with the help of their officials and stuff, we were able to locate a truck that matched that description,” Granthum said.

“We staked that residence out for a little while hoping somebody would come out, but they never did, so we made contact with the people that were in the house, and one of them happened to be Christopher Gordon.”

Gordon was then brought in for questioning and arrested.

Granthum said the department has not received any preliminary results back yet from the autopsies or from evidence that was sent off to forensics.

During the investigation, a gun was recovered, but it is unclear if it was the same gun used to kill Green and Hardy.

“We recovered a gun in the car. It was burned of course, but we were able to get the serial number on it, and we’re running traces on it,” Granthum said. “We don’t know if that was the actual weapon that did the shooting because we’re waiting on ballistics.”

Gordon now awaits a preliminary hearing.