MARTIN: Sometimes falling feels like flying

Published 8:26 pm Thursday, January 18, 2018

By Jerria Martin | Martin is a minister and director of Drug Free Communities of Dallas County

Sometimes falling feels like flying, for a little while. I heard this statement in a Jeff Bridges song, but little did I know how accurate his lyrics truly were.

The snow looked so very beautiful, I just wanted to lay in it making snow angels, play in it building snowmen and snowwomen, and an even more youthful and inquisitive side of me was tempted to eat it; to taste and see that the snow was good.

Surely it was a gift from God.  Just the mere sight of the long white stretches of frozen drops sent down from heaven made me feel like I was in a winter wonderland, I just had to get out there in it.

So there I was, jumping and rolling and possibly even tasting, then just as I stepped down preparing to leave behind this frigid paradise, it happened.

It was as if time had frozen.

I could feel my feet begin to swiftly slip from under me as I began to fly through the air like Lebron James, making a free throw line dunk.

I must admit, this part was fun,  being up so high, feeling the breeze run through my hair, a side of me wanted to scream “weeeee” and throw up my hands as if I were on a rollercoaster, but then I remembered that while falling feels like flying, it’s only for a little while.

It was then that I recalled I would be landing on the cold hard cement, so I quickly braced myself for impact.

I remember thinking quickly which would be the best part of me to take the hit, surely I didn’t want to break my arm, or leg, or back nor harm my head, my pretty face. So, I did the first thing that came to mind and I got in a sitting position, allowing my bum to take the hit. And man, did it take a big one.

It was the type of fall where I had to just sit in the position I fell in for a moment to reflect on what had just happened.

I summed it up in a few words, I played, I flew, I fell. But I got back up to try again.

Sometime falling feels like flying, for a little while.

The lesson I learned from this is be prepared. I didn’t have on the proper shoes, boots with good traction.

Since it seems like the snow will be visiting us a little more often in Selma, here are a few items to help you better prepare for the next episode: a flashlight, wireless radio, batteries, extra blankets for warmth, a full week of your medications, a gas-powered space heater, a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water, matches, tire chains, a bag of sand to sprinkle on your porch or walkways, a full tank of gas, and most of all, what came to my rescue after my big fall,  a first-aid kit.

The snow is definitely a gift, it’s something new for us, but next time, let’s be prepared, because there’s motivational and illuminating hope in getting back up and trying again.