EDITORIAL: Good luck to our legislators as they work to make a difference in our state

Published 7:31 pm Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new legislative session. For Selma and Dallas County, Rep. Prince Chestnut and Sen. Hank Sanders went back to work to make a difference here and throughout the state of Alabama.

We wish them the best of luck as they get into the session, and we hope to see them both make a positive impact.

Last year, the session was filled with corruption, drama and scandals that included the resignation of Gov. Robert Bentley. We hope this year will not be filled with the same.

We hope our legislators can get to work for the people that voted them in office.

The session will not be easy. It never is, but we hope both Sanders and Chestnut find a way to work with others to make Dallas County and Alabama a better place to live.