EDITORIAL: Teams need support from hometown crowds to help throughout the season

Published 7:21 pm Thursday, November 30, 2017

Football season has been over for a couple of weeks in Selma and Dallas County now, and the attention has turned to the basketball court, where teams have already gotten their seasons under way.

Earlier this week, we released Hoopla, a special publication that features each high school’s basketball teams. Hoopla gives readers a breakdown of what to expect from teams this season and a schedule so they can see who and when each school is playing. This year’s cover features Selma High School’s Kynadra Lewis and Morgan Academy’s Dione Allen. They competed against other players in our area to win the opportunity to be on the cover. Congratulations on winning the cover vote.

Just like we do when football season begins, we encourage everyone to attend at least one basketball game at one of the seven high schools in Selma and Dallas County this season.
You haven’t truly seen high school basketball played until you have seen one of our teams play. Whether it is a rivalry game between Southside and Dallas County or one of the other schools, they always make for great games.

We hope the community shows its support and packs out the gymnasium each night for our teams. Hometown support is critical in every sport and helps let the student-athletes know that what they do is appreciated.

Many of our teams are already off to good starts, and we hope they continue to have success as the season progresses. Good luck to our teams.