Editorial: Edmundites have done so much for people in Selma community over the years

Published 9:26 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Edmundite Missions will continue to celebrate its 80th anniversary today with a church mass and gala to honor those that have  supported the missions.

It is hard to sum up all of what the missions have done for this community since it was founded in 1937. They estabished schools and ran medical facilites, such as St. Elizabeth’s and Good Samaritan Hospital. They also founded community centers like the Don Bosco Boys Club to provide youth with activities. The list goes on and on. This community should be truly grateful for the Edmundites’ work.

In 1986, the Don Bosco Nutrition Center was founded to provide free meals to the needy every day of the year. Father Richard Myhalyk said Tuesday by Thanksgiving the center will have served its 3 millionth meal. That number is astonishing.

The celebration will continue today with a mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Church at 4:30 p.m. The Joy and Hope Gala will follow at the Selma Convention Center.

Thank you Edmundite Missions for all of the remarkable work you’ve done.