Letter to the Editor: Selma needs more than just prayer

Published 8:41 pm Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dear Editor,

I read, with keen interest, the editorial from Ms. Gail Box Ingram.

In it she urged all Selma residents to get involved and pray for our city. She listed several prayer meetings and get togethers where one could seek God to transform Selma.

However, not once did she provide or recommend any physical action that could be accomplished to work toward that transformation. I learned long ago that if you just pray and wait, all you will do is pray and wait. Prayer changes things but only if you follow that prayer with action.

Additionally, I have recently read where grants have been received to study the causes of racism. A committee just returned from Richmond, Virginia, where they met with officials there to discuss the issue.

Do we really need to have meetings and discussions to find out what causes racism? Do we need to spend money that we don’t have to organize a committee to find out why Selma is dying a slow death?

The answer to both of those questions is a resounding NO! Selma needs action by it’s residents.

Pick up trash on your block.

Talk to that person that dumped their trash on the street.

Report that person that fired that gun.

Report that person that shoplifted.

Stop waiting on someone else to do something. Do it yourself.

Clean up your home and yard.

Take pride in yourself and your surroundings.

Those that can should work, pay taxes and stop being a burden on those that do.

Love your fellow man, no matter the color of their skin and treat each individual as an individual and not a group.

Prayer is good but unless it is followed by action, it is just words.

Robbie May