Smith: Residents should clean up after themselves

Published 11:22 am Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A portion of my last column appearing on Thursday, Sept. 21 entitled “Same Problems Plaguing City,” was devoted to the illegal trash and garbage dumping in the city.

Unfortunately, it did not make it in after the STJ editor pared the article down to fit space. The point being made was the same as Councilwoman Jannie Thomas is making now that the practice is rampant and needs to be stopped. It is not only an eyesore, but also a health issue.

You would think people would be more respectful of their surroundings than to litter. It is a matter of civic pride to keep the streets and right of ways clean and presentable. Is the age old parental directive to pick up after yourself not taught anymore? Has society become so complacent and lazy as to be willing to live in a pigs sty?

I happen to think we can do better, and live in a city free of litter and garbage on the streets. The city does not have the resources to clean up the entire city every morning. It will take a concerted effort on the part of the violators themselves to mend their ways and stop the practice of littering. Residents of the city and outsiders too should show enough respect for others as to not do it in the first place. It is not the responsibility of someone else to pick up after you.

Just ask yourself, would you throw that trash or garbage down in your own living room at home? If you answer yes to that, there is little hope of ever correcting this problem.

It was encouraging to see Dallas County is beginning to enforce the pet vaccination ordinances as reported in The Selma Times-Journal on Tuesday, Oct. 3. Perhaps the city of Selma will follow suit and begin a sweep of the city. It should be emphasized to those who regularly feed stray animals, as I understand it, they are considered yours and you are responsible for their shots.

Another of the numerous problems in the city is people not caring for or cleaning up after their so-called pets. Along with ownership of pets should be the responsibility to clean up after them. In addition to the constant noise from backyard animals, there is a health issue with the odor and fly problem they create.

I applaud the efforts of Councilwoman Thomas in making Ward 7 cleaner, and more livable. However, Councilwoman Thomas cannot do it on her own. She must have the cooperation of the ward and those who pass through it. Otherwise, it will be no more than a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

God bless the work you are doing Ms. Thomas, and do not become weary or discouraged. There are those who appreciate your efforts. However, it will take stricter code enforcement to make a difference. Perhaps the culture will change with a few fines passed out for violations of the ordinances.