Editorial: Pets owners should take responsibility

Published 10:59 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Just like most things in life, owning a pet comes with many responsibilities. One of those is having pets vaccinated to protect them and us from rabies.

And it’s not just a courtesy or an option –– it’s the law. Alabama requires dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated for rabies. Recently, the county has stepped up its efforts to enforce that law, and for good reason. If not protected, pets can be susceptible to rabies from rabid animals, such as raccoons or other animals that carry the disease.

Since April, 38 tickets have been written by a Dallas County animal control officer. She said most people have cooperated and gotten their animals vaccinated, but some have surrendered their pets and at least one person has gone to jail for not showing up to court.

The ticket ranges from $54 to $77 depending on the number of animals, but it should not come to that. Everyone that owns a pet should take responsibility and get them vaccinated. It doesn’t cost much to do, and it makes everyone more safe.