Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest reports for period ending Sept. 11:

Published 9:06 pm Monday, September 11, 2017

Billy Ray Hall, 57, 3203 Water Ave., Selma, public intoxication, $1,000 bond, in jail

Terrell Thorton, 22, 5586 County Road 84, Jones, contempt of court, ordered to serve 24 hours, in jail

Jamie Leshore, 44, 450 Lot 7 Old Montgomery Highway, Selma, two counts of second-degree receiving stolen property, failure to appear for second-degree receiving stolen property, no bond, in jail

Roderick R. Hunter, 39, 1217 Fifth Ave., Selma, return from United States Marshals, no bond, in jail

Zaccheus Jackson, 26, 209 Lamar Ave., Selma, weekender, ordered to serve 24 hours, in jail

Timothy Hewston, 21, 1823 County Road 27, Selma, weekender, no bond listed, in jail

Tyneshia Hartlet, 30, 3899 Liberty 1304, Selma, second-degree assault, $15,000 bond, made bond

William Dudley, 53, 1812 Old Montgomery Highway, Selma, driving without first obtaining a license, $600 cash bond, in jail

Jesica Howard, 30, 1203 Duke St., Selma, fourth-degree theft, $1,000 bond, made bond

Joshua Vance, 27, 228 Seymore Road, Valley Grande, contempt of court, weekender, in jail

Tammy Hill, 27, 113 Landsend Ave., Selma, attempted murder, $250,000 bond, in jail

Nellie Hunter, 35, 1508 Washington Street, Selma, harassing communication, $50 cash bond, in jail

Tiffany Billingsley, 141 Martin Luther King St., Selma, third-degree criminal mischief, $500 cash bond, in jail

Gregory Acoff, 35, 770 County Road 257, Selma, third-degree theft of property, $15,000 bond, made bond

Leroy Byrd, 33, 1018 Weaver St., Selma, fourth-degree theft, $1,000 bond, in jail

Laddarius Walter, 19, 1120 Primrose Terrace, Selma, contempt of court, ordered to serve 24 hours, in jail

Darryl Simpson, 46, 125 Miller Circle, Hayneville, contempt of court, ordered to serve 24 hours, in jail

James Killingsworth, 40, 1583 County Road 27, Selma, possession, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, bonds totaling $21,000, in jail

Janet Hayes, 26, 405 Medical Center Parkway, Selma, menacing, $500 bond, in jail