First responder of the week: Gallion follows in father’s footsteps

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Growing up with a dad who worked for the Selma Police Department, Brian Gallion always knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a law enforcement officer when he got older.

Although his parents didn’t push him into the career, Gallion said he knew it was the right path for him.

“I just wanted to get into law enforcement. It was always a passion of mine to be in law enforcement, and I’ve always wanted to be in it,” Gallion said. “I was always exposed to it, but it was always my decision to go in to it. I was not encouraged even though I was exposed to it.”

Gallion began his career with the Selma Police Department in 1999 and took a position with the Dallas County Sheriffs Department in 2004, where he currently serves as a deputy.

“It’s something that you’ve got to want to do. It’s either in your heart or not,” he said. “It’s something the good Lord wants you to do. It’s not for everybody.”

Gallion grew up in Dallas County and graduated from Dallas County High School before furthering his education at Wallace Community College Selma. He is married to Courtney and they have a son, Christopher Tyson.

Gallion said he loves the unexpected component of his job and walking into something different every day.

“It’s never boring. You never know what’s next around the corner,” Gallion said. “It’s never the same, no matter what day it is. Even the calls that are similar, they’re not the same. Everything is different. You can’t expect it to be the same at all.”

Besides getting to do something new every day, Gallion said he enjoys helping the people of the community where he grew up.

“It feels good knowing that you can help people,” Gallion said. “You’re not always going to have the right answers, but just being able to help somebody, it feels good knowing you can make a difference no matter what the situation is.”

Gallion said he feels called to work in law enforcement, and although it’s not easy, he knows it is here he is supposed to be.

“The job is not easy, but it is rewarding at the same time,” Gallion said. “It’s rewarding knowing that you have the opportunity to do something that not a lot of people will ever have the opportunity to do.”