Land parcel website back online

Published 7:38 pm Friday, February 24, 2017

After months of being down, the Dallas County Tax Assessor’s office has a new website for people to view land parcels.

Dallas County Tax Assessor Weida Sheehan said the new website recently went live. The site can be found online at

“We’ve been down now for I guess three or four months, and I have had a million calls on it,” Sheehan said. “I just wanted to put it out there that we have a new one now so people can go back on their and start working and looking their information up.”

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The website, which Sheehan said is used by appraisers, realtors, attorneys and others, is used to look up information on land.

“They can pretty much get the values of the land, values of the improvements, the taxes, the ownership,“ Sheehan said. “It will be very useful for them.

“They’re going to like it probably a lot better than the old website, but they should be able to find anything they’re looking for in Dallas County.”

The website was done by Tri-State Consulting Services, Inc., which specializes in mapping and aerial photography for state and local governments.

The website shows the entire map of Dallas County. Land parcels can be looked up by the owner’s name, address or by parcel number.

Sheehan said the new site is more up-to-date than the county’s old one.

“It’s all new aerial photos. They’re updated,” she said. “They were just done at the end of last year, so it is new aerials, new information and the website will be updated more often.”

Sheehan said the old site was not updated very frequently, but people who find it useful will see that it is updated more often.

“I think they’re going to update it once a month, where our old website was not updated as often,” she said.

When looking up a parcel, users can see the parcel ID, the landowner, the land value and the total value of the land, which includes property and improvements made to the land, along with other information.