Important to keep perspective, patience during “sick out”

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, August 13, 2016

Several Selma Police Department officers called in sick for a third consecutive day on Saturday, continuing their demand for higher pay wages.

While it’s concerning that as many as 20 officers have called in during the three day standoff, it’s also important to keep perspective. During the 1990s, police caught the “Blue Flu” and it happens in other parts of the world too. This problem, although it may seem like it, isn’t unique to Selma.

Selma Police Chief John Brock said the department has a plan in place and already has received offers of help from other agencies, including the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

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Brock has been part of the team patrolling the streets, along with other supervisors from the department. We appreciate all of them stepping up to ensure the safety of Selma’s citizens while this “sick out” continues.

We’re probably speaking to the choir here, but the best thing people can do is remain peaceful and not do anything out of line during this time.

To be fair, that’s good advice every day of the year, but given the current situation, people should at least respect and understand the position members of the department have taken, regardless of how one feels about it personally.

We hope to see this resolved quickly. The faster our officers are back on duty, the safer Selma’s streets are.

Until then, the rest of us need to be patient. Like most things in life, this will work itself out in time. Let’s just hope the end of the countdown is near.