Wallace, AUM agree to partnership

Published 10:18 pm Friday, May 27, 2016

Wallace Community College Selma and Auburn University at Montgomery have partnered to make it easier for Wallace students to transfer to AUM.

The two schools made it official Wednesday by signing an agreement. We want to commend both sides for getting this done. It makes too much sense for Wallace students to be able to transfer to AUM easily, considering it’s a school less than an hour away.

Now, thanks to the agreement, it will be much easier for Wallace students that apply to AUM to also apply for scholarships and to transfer into other AUM programs.

Earlier this year, Concordia College Alabama added new degree programs in pre-nursing, pre-occupational therapy and pre-clinical laboratory sciences beginning in the fall of 2016.

As a part of that agreement, Concordia also entered into a partnership with Tuskegee University where graduates can pursue baccalaureate degrees in nursing and healthcare at Tuskegee.

We appreciate both local schools for giving students more options. It’s truly a win-win.