Admission to youth games likely to be raised to $2

Published 9:16 pm Thursday, April 7, 2016

As soon as Friday, April 15, it could cost an extra dollar to attend youth baseball and softball games in Selma.

Selma Recreation Department director Lebo Jones met with Councilman Samuel Randolph and Councilman Cecil Williamson Tuesday in the council chambers at city hall to discuss charging one more dollar to attend youth sporting events at the Sportsplex and Complex. They all decided a vote will take place Tuesday at the city council meeting to raise the admission to youth baseball and softball games at the Complex from $1 to $2.

District 4 Commissioner Larry Nickles said he would likely hold a vote during the county commission meeting Monday on raising admission from $1 to $2 at the Sportsplex.

Nickles believes both votes will go through next week.

“If they vote on it Tuesday, as far as I’m concerned it’ll be a done deal,” Nickles said.

Jones said he received a call from Nickles about the possibility of raising the admission from $1 to $2 to help pay for upgrades and repairs for the city recreation department.

Both Randolph and Williamson support raising the price, and both are confident the motion will pass at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Jones asked if it was something that should wait until next season, but Randolph insisted the change could take place as soon as next week.

“The maintenance and upkeep has risen, and a dollar just isn’t getting it done,” Randolph said.

Williamson said the first $1,100 raised from admission prices would go toward building an archway at the Complex that welcomes visitors to “Elton Reece Park.” Elton Reece, who died a little over a year ago on March 30, 2015, was the long-time director of the Selma Recreation Department.

Jones said he was confident that amount of money could be raised in a weekend or two because the first night of this youth season Monday raised $422.

“It can go a long way in improving what we’ve already got,” Jones said of the price raise.

After the initial $1,100 is raised through the $2 admission, the plan is to use the money for bathroom repairs and to purchase game cameras and a television in the recreation department office to monitor weather.

Nickles said the money will also go toward funding the new batting cages and constructing an awning over the bleachers to provide shade for people watching the games.

“Let’s take the revenue that we’re bringing in and continue to make improvements on it,” Nickles said.

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