Peace is key for facilitating growth

Published 5:56 pm Wednesday, March 30, 2016

By Udo Ufomadu | Selma City School Board member

Not too long ago, a lady who’s planning to run for a seat on the school board saw me at a store and expressed that one of her reasons for running is because she cannot fathom why the superintendent and board are not accessible to parents and their issues. I responded by telling her that if a parent in our school district strongly believes that a child is having a problem with a teacher, I suggest that the parent doesn’t go to the board or the superintendent first.

It is best to engage the teacher, counselor or coach in a meaningful communication first. If it does not work out, go to the principal or head coach, whichever the case may be. If you’re not satisfied with the principal, then make an appointment to see the superintendent or assistant. If you’re not satisfied with the superintendent, ask to get on the board’s agenda and Sadarry Bennett will be glad to help you. As a stakeholder, if you are concerned about an issue that affects the entire district adversely or favorably, I don’t see any reason not to talk to the assistant superintendent or the superintendent.

When you overlook some people and go straight to their boss, you may be lighting a detrimental fire of war. One thing that I know is that when you mistakenly or knowingly pick a fight with some leaders, you’ve automatically picked up a fight with people the leaders influence and that’s not good for any child in a learning environment.

Remember, heaven judges and dispenses retribution on individual bases and each person is responsible for his or her good and bad deeds. Don’t just hate, dislike, or disrespect someone because someone wants you to. That’s idiotic and repugnant to natural and heavenly justices. More so, don’t use your influence to persuade others to disrespect or treat someone wrong. That’s also daft and obnoxious to divine and reliable worldly justice systems.

I’m convinced that our school leadership and parents have the same expectations but these have to be established by working as a team. I see improvements, lately, that are obvious. Dr. Angela Mangum and chairman Henry Hicks confirm it too. We all want our students to be well prepared for college and career. We all want discipline or reprimand to be focused and based on what the student did.

Personally, I support disciplinary actions when they match the offence committed. Wrongs should not be condoned or celebrated but if total energy is expended on people’s weaknesses none may be left for their improvement. For example, if a student who makes As and Bs gets into a fight, it should not overshadow the academic honors.

It’s practically impossible to uphold peace, stability and progress with partiality. Teachers, principals, or others should not take it personal when parents go to their boss.