Deadline for garbage fee waiver Dec. 31

Published 9:11 pm Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Some Selma residents may not have to pay their garbage bills if they are eligible for the city’s exemption program.

The program was put in place to help households that depend on Social Security by providing them with free garbage collection service.

“Anytime anyone is receiving Social Security benefits, they are limited,” said Kim Lewis, tax collector for the city of Selma. “Sometimes there income is only $600 a month or $400. It just depends. That helps them out not being able to pay for garbage services.”

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The exemption is available to households that claim Social Security as their only source of income. No one in the household can have any kind of income except Social Security.

“That has to be your only source of income in that household, not just your income, but in that household period,” Lewis said. “Anyone that resides in a household other than the one who is receiving Social Security benefits and they’re working disqualifies that household from receiving free garbage.”

People that already receive exemption are also required to re-certify for the program every year.

“They do have to re-certify every year. That is one of our requirements the auditors want us to do,” Lewis said.

To qualify for the program, residents must provide a current Social Security benefits letter to the Tax & License Department at Selma City Hall.

“They must come to our office starting Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 and fill out an application,” Lewis said. “Once they fill out the application and provide us with that proof, we’ll go ahead and exempt them for the following year.”

Lewis said the benefit letters must be dated Oct. 1 or after. Letters dated before Oct. 1 will not be accepted.

The department will begin accepting applications Oct. 1, and the deadline for them is Dec. 31.

Selma residents will not be able to qualify for the garbage exemption program after the deadline.

Lewis said between 450 to 500 people qualify every year for the program.

Garbage fees are currently $15 a month or $45 per quarter, but the fee could change depending on who the city contracts to handle garbage collection.

For more information, contact the Tax & License Department at Selma City Hall at 874-2112.