Orrville tractor, antique show will take year hiatus

Published 11:03 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The annual West Dallas Antique Tractor Show, Car, Gas Engine and Craft Show has been cancelled as organizers take a year off to regroup and better it for the future.

The show, which was entering its 15th year, usually takes place the second Saturday of November and is sponsored by the Orrville Volunteer Fire Department and Friends of Orrville Fire. The show usually attracts 2,500 to 3,500 visitors a year and has become a staple of the Orrville community.

“The fire department thought it was in the best interest of those involved this year,” said Karen Grimes, who volunteers with the Orrville Volunteer Fire Department. “We just needed a year to take a break, to reflect and to better the show.”

Grimes said an art grant is usually awarded to the department to fund artists’ expenses, children’s activities and other programs for the tractor show, but that the fire department did not receive the grant this year.

“The art grant has been a nice addition to the show and it would be missed and create a void in some areas,” Grimes said.

“The fire department is also looking to making some changes to their fire houses and needs some time to plan and get the work completed.”

Grimes also said there was a shortage of volunteers to help park cars last year and that the department responded to three calls last year during the show.

“This didn’t interfere with the show, but hopefully, by having an extra year to plan, the group can better plan and seek funds and more volunteers,” Grimes said.

Many citizens and past attendees will definitely miss the fun, fellowship and overall atmosphere of the show this year.

“It’s great. It’s one of the best things that’s happened to Orrville in a very long time,” said Orrville resident Lisa Sheehan.

“It’s a great place to gather and meet people.”

Grimes said the show also allows those in attendance a chance to reminisce about the past and gives them an opportunity to meet with the local firefighters.

“For Selma and Dallas County, it, shows off one of the best assets we have in our county and it’s the warm and friendly people,’ she said. “This event has given the fire department a means to give something back to the community that supports them throughout the year.”