Selma schools look to save energy, money

Published 8:21 pm Saturday, June 6, 2015

With the help of an organization from Indiana, Selma City Schools hopes to cut utility costs and provide better energy to its schools.

Representatives from Energy Savings Group (ESG), an energy services provider that develops energy solutions for universities, local governments, school districts and other institutions, presented a proposal Thursday at the Selma City School Board Meeting about services the company can provide to the school system. ESG pledges to make it a mission to enhance learning environments in Selma City Schools with its budget-friendly services. Jack Mansell, business consultant for ESG, said the system would benefit from its measures.

“Putting in new efficient light fixtures will use less electricity when those lights are on, versus the old technology and lighting they have,” he said. “That same process is used for water, controls, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and all those different things.”

Upgrading appliances won’t be the only way the system might save a few bucks on utilities.

The system won’t have to come out of pocket, as the savings accrued from the measures would be used to fund the $ 5.8 million project. Selma City Schools would save approximately $346,000 a year from the 20-year term that ESG looks to put in place.

Great benefits could be reaped from the proposal, Superintendent Dr. Angela Mangum said. She said the services could help modernize the schools where they will be more energy efficient. As a result, the school system could draw in substantial savings.

“It was a lot of wisdom in the initiative that was started to give districts and schools the opportunity to upgrade their facilities without a financial drain on the system,” she said. “With that wisdom in place, we’re able to take advantage of this.”

The students who attend Selma City Schools deserve to learn in adequate environments, Mangum said.

“I believe our students deserve schools that have proper lighting, HVAC systems and heating and air that will make them feel comfortable.”

Mangum said the Selma City School Board is aware of the gains that could come out of the project, and they have been very involved with every phase of development.

The board is expected to make a decision on whether to accept the proposal at its next meeting on June 9.