Letter to the Editor

Published 10:58 pm Friday, June 5, 2015

Dear editor,

Worshipping at the feet of the pagan deity political correctness, Senator Hank Sanders and his outside agitating allies, Students-Unite, which is affiliated with the Freedom Foundation, without letting anyone in Selma know about their nefarious scheme, deceitfully tried to change the name of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Whom does Sanders represent? The people of Selma and Dallas County or the contentious, disruptive group calling themselves Students-Unite?

Named for a United States Senator from Selma, the Pettus Bridge has been synonymous with Selma for 75 years. Recently it was named in a USA Today poll as one of the ten most recognizable landmarks in the South.

There is an unholy trinity abroad in the land today, which hates historic southern heritage. This unholy trinity of multiculturalism, political correctness and diversity hates southerners such as Senator Pettus. Sanders and his Students-Unite should understand that long after political correctness has taken its rightful place on the dung heap of history, Senator Pettus and the Pettus Bridge will still be revered by multitudes who love God and our heritage.

If Sanders really represented Selma and Dallas County, the least he would have done was to have a public hearing to let his constituents express their opinions about changing the name of the Pettus Bridge. Instead he chose to listen to those who are a cancer on the body of Selma and who must be excised if this community is ever to heal.



Cecil Williamson