Selma High School cancels girls’ volleyball camp

Published 8:08 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2015

By Derek Thompson

The Selma Times-Journal

The Lady Saints’ volleyball camp that was originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, at the Selma High School Gymnasium has been cancelled.

“I’m going to cancel the camp this summer,” said Selma head coach Melissa White. “The initial intent was to make it not only a Selma High School thing, but a Selma city/Dallas County thing, and just kind of reach out to the private schools and the local public schools.”

White said the reason for not holding the camp this year is because she did not get enough feedback from people, unlike last year’s camp, which thirty girls attended.

“I wanted to use the camp as a recruiting tool for the local colleges,” White said. “I’m not going to have it this year, but we are going to use this year to regroup as far as getting more sponsors out. On a financial basis, we kind of tried to use it as a fundraiser so we spent a little more than we were actually bringing in. I didn’t want to put my program in a financial bind.”

White said the key to having the camp next year is to get the parents involved.

“I just wanted to get it out there for the kids to be able to learn,” White said. “The parents have to be able to invest in their kids.”

Although this year’s camp was cancelled, White said she will host a playdate on July 1. She has arranged each varsity team in attendance to play three games while the junior varsity teams will play two.

“That way the teams can play together and they will get a little bit more touches,” White said.

White said eight varsity teams and three junior varsity teams will be at the playdate and more students from Southside and Keith will likely be added after she gets the word out to those schools.

“Southside is just now getting a program,” White said.