Hats off to Memorial Day ceremony organizers

Published 10:02 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day has come and gone, but the sacrifices soldiers made to fight for this country will last an eternity.

Those brave men and women that gave their lives to fight for what they believe in were honored with not one, but two ceremonies in Selma Monday.

But not only do we salute those who died in the line of duty and their families, but we also salute those that took the time to put these ceremonies together.

The city of Selma and Dallas County, along with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3016, did a stand up job in putting together ceremonies to honor the our fallen veterans.

Without the people that put those two events together, the thought of those men and women who fought so bravely might be a little more distant from our minds.

We thank the VFW Post 3016 for reminding us of the real meaning behind Memorial Day— honoring veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice.

We thank the city and county for sounding the sirens and letting us know that it takes just one minute to thank those that gave their lives for our freedoms.

While the fun times at the beach or lake with family and friends are always great memories to be had, hearing the names of the soldiers that died of their country is an even greater one. Hearing the sound of a bugling trumpet and the ripples of an American Flag, as it waves in the wind is something that should never be forgotten.