Don’t forget Christian perspective, priorities

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, May 23, 2015

By Larry Stover
The Selma Times-Journal

Memorial Day brings a flood of memories and emotions as we pause this weekend to celebrate the memory of those who have impacted our lives. For my family, it is a time of remembrance. We are blessed with so many family members through the generations that have left us with an awesome legacy.

We have an exciting generation of young people coming up. Graduations have been in abundance this past week. It has been a joy to see the youth of our county take the next step in preparing for life. For many years we have been instilling in them the legacy that we have chosen to leave for them.

What kind of legacy are we leaving for this generation?

I was reading the story of the Children of Israel from the Books of Exodus, Joshua and Judges this week. That would have been an exciting time in the history of the people of God.

We saw the Children of Israel delivered from the bondage of slavery in Egypt. We read about them crossing the Red Sea. We were awed by the Battle of Jericho. Those people had stories to tell. They had a legacy that was permeated with the presence and power of almighty God. They were not afraid to let their offspring know who God was.

Then something changed. The third and fourth generations were not influenced by the stories of their parents and grandparents.  They grew away from God. What happened? It’s pretty simple. Their legacy was shifted from what God can do to other agendas.

Could that be happening to us today? As Christian parents, our children and grandchildren are receiving more influence by culture and peer pressure than by the standards and values of their Godly homes.

Today’s culture is filled with counterfeit values and idols that continue to have a negative influence on the lives of our children and grandchildren. What are we to do? I believe that it is time for everyone to take a look at the legacy they are preparing for the next generation. Our Judeo-Christian values as believers are being attacked on every side.  Traditional morality is not only seen as old-fashioned but also as the brunt of many jokes.

As Christian parents and grandparents our legacy includes instruction in what is right and wrong. This has become a “gray” area in our society and culture.  Christian principles have not changed! The Bible is still the standard for the believer.

As we reflect on this weekend, let’s not forget our priorities and perspective as a Christian.  We are in the process of preparing our spiritual legacy for the generations to come.  This can be the greatest gift that you will ever give your children and grandchildren. How is your legacy shaping up?

A Christian legacy makes life “Simply Beautiful.”