Co-ed kickball league fun exercise for adults

Published 10:47 pm Friday, May 15, 2015

By Derek Thompson
The Selma Times-Journal

Adults interested in socializing and staying healthy this summer can take part in a new trend kicking off soon.

League organizer Saprina Simmons is hoping to bring fun and excitement to the adults in town by starting a co-ed kickball league at Bloch Park.

“Back in the younger days that was something that we all used to do,” Simmons said.  “Believe it or not I used to play kickball, and I always found it to be a fun sport. I was really bad with softball and baseball, so kickball was the next best thing to me.”

Simmons said she came up with the idea when she realized how few organized activities there are for adults in the city.

“There are a lot of people here that have health issues and weight issues that are around my age,” Simmons said. “What’s holding us back from playing?”

After brainstorming the idea with a few people several months ago, Simmons said the idea grew into something bigger.

“I asked a few people if they wanted to play and everyone was really excited about it,” Simmons said. “I didn’t expect it to grow, but it did.”

The league currently has eight teams that each consist of at least 15 or 16 people and have an even mix of males and females, according to Simmons.

Simmons wanted the league to consist mainly of adults at least 30 years of age, but said there may be some exceptions to the rule.

“I wanted to play with mature adults,” Simmons said.

“I’m not saying individuals in their twenties are not mature. I just wanted an older crowd. Thirty and older is just a better age. There are some individuals on the teams that are in their twenty’s. I just wanted to kind of keep it with the older crowd.”

Although kickball is widely considered a relaxed sport, Simmons said she plans on members to be competitive and take it serious.

“We will have referees,” Simmons said. “We will be keeping score. We’re doing it for fun, but it’s definitely going to be where we compete. It’s going to be real competitive with this league. We are just getting off the ground. I didn’t expect it to grow so fast so it is going to be a work in progress.”