Nearly 100 graduate from ACA

Published 11:44 pm Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Alabama Corrections Academy honored nearly 100 graduates Thursday at the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center Auditorium. The graduates completed 12 weeks of training.

Former Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner William G. Sharp Jr. delivered the commencement address. He reminded graduates they needed to possess mental toughness, physicality and to expect the unexpected. Sharp also told them to continue learning.

“Your training has just begun,” he said. “Remember to take advantage, and don’t be satisfied as a correctional officer.”
Words of encouragement were also offered by the class president Fitzgerald Clemons. He instilled the importance of their duties within his classmates’ minds.

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“Fellow classmates take pride in the uniform,” he said.

“Never forget the officers before you. Many roads and bridges have been made, burned, rebuilt and burned again in order to be built once more.”

His words also navigated toward family and friends who attended the ceremony. Clemons told them to take time out to hear and listen to the graduates when they come home to discuss their days at work.

Graduate Aundriles Moore said she is grateful for her classmates, instructors and family. She said all of the hard work she put into becoming a correctional officer has paid off. Throughout the 12-week process, Moore’s learned a lot that will help her as an officer.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to be firm, fair and consistent,” she said. “I also learned to take my training into consideration.”

She will take all of her skills and training and apply them at her new job at the Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore.
Although she has a future ahead of her, Moore said she will miss her time in training and the camaraderie amongst her peers.

“We were real close-knit, especially the females,” Moore said. “We pulled together and banded together to make sure we all can make it through. All of our officers, from the top graduates to the low graduates all made it together.”