Keep it Clean, Selma a contagious effort

Published 6:25 pm Monday, May 11, 2015

Over 50 people made their way over to Hope Academy Saturday for the first day of Keep it Clean, Selma, a campaign to pick up the trash on the street as well as clean up any negativity surrounding the Queen City.

One of the event organizers, Amy Carmichael, said the clean up day was much needed in Selma, and it was designed for community members to get involved in making Selma a clean city by ridding it of the trash and unconstructive attitudes.

We commend Carmichael and the rest of the volunteers that gave up their Saturday morning to make a difference in the community. It’s people like them that are pushing Selma in the right direction and we are proud to see them succeeding.

Even Judge Bob Armstrong was part of the effort to clean up the streets. He said as he was picking up trash, people in surrounding neighborhoods began to ask what he and the others were doing. After explaining the mission behind Keep it Clean, Selma, the people began to do their part and joined in to help.

The campaign is on track to hold a clean up day once a month and we hope that even more people will catch on and begin to do their part to make Selma a beautiful place to work and live.