Farmers Resource training sessions to discuss varying methods, ideologies

Published 10:13 pm Monday, May 11, 2015

Small farmers might receive a generous amount of knowledge for their farming businesses through a designated workshop.

The Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program will have a Small Farmers Resource training session May 13 at 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The free workshop will be located at the Dallas County Family Resource Center, located at 10096 Alabama Highway 14 West. Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension Program Master County Agent Gertrude Wall said the session is for farmers who work with the university through a cooperative.

Those in the agriculture business would benefit from the workshop, she said.

“They’re going to find a lot of information out on the available grants from the Equip Program,” she said. “They’ll also have information on business plan development.”

The session will cover farming business, budgets, insurance and more.

Representatives from the agency and the USDA will be present to discuss different farming ideologies and methods. Lectures and advice on the Equip Program, business plan development and the enterprise budget will be discussed.

Micro-loans, crop insurance and business protection will also be in the lineup.

“These agencies, as well as our agencies are funded by the federal government, and it’s really to make our farmers more aware of what is available,” Wall said.

The information discussed is highly valuable to new or current farmers, she said.

Farmers who sell commercially might actually run the risk of having a serious recall on shipments of their produce, Wall said. She said the business plan portion of the workshop will help alleviate some of those issues.

Farmers who may be at a disadvantage might be at an advantage with some of the insurance information offered.

“A lot of people don’t realize if you’re a socially disadvantaged farmer, you can actually get crop insurance for free,” she said. “That’s how your payment from your losses will come if there is a drought or flood. The information from this workshop is an improvement to their overall farming operation and success.”