Stallworth convicted in 2012 Christmas Day murder

Published 10:21 pm Friday, May 8, 2015

A Dallas County jury convicted a Selma man of capital murder Wednesday.

Andrae Stallworth was found guilty of murdering Maurice Rayford on Christmas day in 2012 outside of an Orrville nightclub.

The capital murder trial began Monday in Circuit Judge Jack Meigs courtroom and came to a close Wednesday after a jury deliberated for nearly two hours.

“We have gotten another gunslinger off the streets,” said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson. “This should help bring some closure to the Rayford family. This was a tragic and senseless killing.”

Stallworth shot and killed Rayford in the parking lot of Eddie’s Bar and Grill on Dallas County 115.

When deputies arrived on the scene around 2:30 a.m. Christmas morning, they found Rayford’s body on the ground covered with a sheet.

According to witnesses, Rayford was shot after he told Stallworth that his sister, Monica Rayford, wasn’t going to fight his girlfriend. Rayford’s sister had a child with Stallworth, and his girlfriend at the time was angry about him talking to her at the nightclub.

“She came over to me because she saw Andrae talking to me,” Rayford said. “My brother then walked up and told me to get in the car [and] that no one was going to fight.”

According to her statement, Maurice told Stallworth that Monica wasn’t going to fight. Stallworth then went to his car, grabbed a gun from underneath the seat and started shooting.

“My brother walked toward me and fell at my feet,” Monica said. “Andrae just kept shooting in the air. Andrae then took off real fast.”

Stallworth turned himself in the day after the shooting.

According to Jackson, Stallworth is still awaiting a sentencing.

“Circuit Judge Jack Meigs ordered a pre-sentence investigation and report before he is sentenced,” Jackson said. “He will be sentenced in a few months.”

Jackson said Stallworth is currently being held in the Dallas County Jail until a sentence is handed down. Stallworth could be sentenced to life in prison.