City Council closer to FM spot

Published 1:25 am Friday, October 10, 2014

By Sarah Robinson 

The Selma Times-Journal 

The Selma City Council is closer to getting a spot on FM radio this month.

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City Council President Corey Bowie updated the council about possibly broadcasting council meeting on WJAM 96.3 FM. Bowie said he would like each council member and Mayor Evans to contribute a portion of their discretionary fund to the $6,000 potential cost.

“It’s very important that we engage our citizens in the government process, because, basically, they are our bosses,” said Bowie, who also plans to contribute to the cost. They need to be very, very informed of what we talk about.”

WJAM 96.3 FM is the only station to come before the council with a proposal, so Bowie said it’s a strong possibility they will use the radio station. Therefore, he would like to be prepared to pay the expected costs.

Bowie said it would be more appropriate that each council member contribute, since they will all be featured on the broadcast.

“I pray that each council member give evenly if we’re going to take this route,” Bowie said. “I don’t think its fair for us to pay more for a council member that not paying.”

In July, Paul Alexander, the president of Scott Communications, attended a council meeting to propose the City Council meetings broadcast on WJAM 96.3 FM without commercial interruption or sponsorships.

He explained to the council, whose meetings are featured on a local AM radio, that Nielsen ratings showed 96 percent of radio listeners use FM radio instead of AM.

The first live broad casting is set for the second council meeting of October.

All broadcastings will be live.

Each meeting is the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, starting at 5 p.m.

“The more outlets that we have to keep in tune with our citizens, the better,” Bowie said.