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Selma Police, Post Office reach agreement to start towing cars

Selma Post Office

Selma Post Office

The United States Postal Service and the Selma Police Department have reached an agreement they hope will put an end to the partying, parking and “tailgating” that has taken over the parking lots on some weekend nights in downtown Selma.

First revealed during the Selma City Council’s work session last week, Selma Mayor George Evans said he and Chief of Police William Riley were working on permission to begin towing cars from the post office’s parking lot after hours.

Tuesday afternoon, Riley released the following statement:

“The Selma Police Department has obtained written permission to tow vehicles from the post office parking lot at night. Once it is determined that there is no business being conducted at the post office the vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense. So those individuals parking in the post office parking lot and going into the nightclubs will have their vehicles towed at the owner’s expense. The post office property has clearly posted signs indicating no parking unless conducting business.”