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Meadowview’s offense shines in jamboree contests

Following a season where scoring was a challenge, Meadowview Christian may have found some offense.

The Trojans opened their season Friday night at New Life Christian in Millbrook with two jamboree gamex. Meadowview’s offense, led by a four touchdown performance by C.J. Grimes, overwhelmed East Memorial Christian in the opening contest in a 36-20 win.

“We ran the zone-read and power plays off tackle,” Meadowview head coach Lebo Jones said. “Everything we tried was working. Our offense looked really good in the first game.”

The Trojans’ offensive performance was a welcome sight for Meadowview fans.

Although Friday’s jamboree games were only half a game and the quarters were just ten minutes long, the Trojans scored more points against EMCA than they did in any game last season.

Jones said he expected his team to put up more points playing 8-man football, but he was still impressed by how well his offense played in Friday’s opening game.

“I think it will be a little bit higher scoring,” Jones said. “It just depends on who you play, but with only eight on the field you can’t help but score more points sometimes.”

Wesley Gunter, who will split time at quarterback with Grimes this season, scored the other touchdown in the opening game for the Trojans.

Meadowview used a 3-3-2 defense in Friday’s games and it gave EMCA trouble. The Wildcats, who like Meadowview are making the swap to 8-man football this year, were only able to drive the ball for one touchdown against the Trojans’ defense.

The other EMCA touchdowns were a result of Meadowview turnovers, something Jones said his team still needs to work on.

The second contest against Ballard Christian didn’t go as well for Meadowview. Ballard scored twice early on its way to a 24-6 victory. Jones said the Trojans seemed tired in the second game, because they had to play back-to-back games while Ballard was playing its first game of the night.

“They came out real fresh and we were out and tired because we don’t have a lot of depth,” Jones said. “They scored on us a few times real quick.”

Jones said his team needs to continue to establish depth, get better conditioned and eliminate turnovers before its opener against Hope Christian Aug. 22.