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IP Foundation opens up for applications

International Paper is striving to better the Dallas County community, one grant at a time.

IP announced it is accepting online applications for its IP Foundation grants. Applicants have until Sept. 15 to submit an online application to www.IPgiving.com.

“International Paper has always been a very good community steward,” said Laura Gipson, an IP Riverdale Mill communications manager. “We feel a kinship and an obligation to support the community and give back.”

Since its inception in 1952, IP has donated more than $10 million to support hundreds of community-based educational, civic and cultural programs.

In December 2003, the group awarded about $60,000 in grants to Dallas County foundations and organizations, including Selma City and Dallas County School Systems.

The IP Foundation will provide grants to eligible nonprofit charitable organizations. Funds are available for new critical community needs and employee involvement.

The group awards grants to nonprofit charitable organizations classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code.

The foundation does not support private foundations, but certain municipal, county, state and federal entities are eligible.

Eligibility can be further determined through an online questionnaire found on the company’s website. A committee will review the applications and a final decision will be made at the corporate level of IP.

Environmental education and literacy are the IP Foundation’s two main focus areas.

Non-profit agencies and schools are strongly encouraged to apply, Gipson said.

For more information, call IP Foundation at 1-800-236-1996, Gipson at 418-5935, or email IPFoundation@IPaper.com or visit www.IPgiving.com