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McKnight no longer head of Morgan Academy

John T. Morgan Academy is seeking new leadership.

The school’s board of directors announced Wednesday that Martha McKnight is no longer the school’s headmaster. The board voted Tuesday in favor of McKnight’s termination and announced the move in an email to staff and families Wednesday afternoon. There is currently no set deadline for the hiring of a new headmaster.

“We have a different direction that we are wanting to go in leadership,” David Henderson, the head of the school’s board of directors, said. “We truly, absolutely appreciate all the hard work that she’s done at the school, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

The board is currently seeking a new headmaster, but until then the school faculty and staff will collectively carry out headmaster duties.

“The faculty and staff have been out there for many years, and they’re capable of keeping things organized and proceeding as we’re planning for the next school year,” Henderson said.

The board appointed McKnight to the headmaster position in July 2012.

McKnight, prior to taking over at Morgan Academy, had served as an adjunct professor at Judson College. She also worked within the Demopolis City School system for 34 years under various positions, such as special education coordinator.

Attempts to reach McKnight and other members of the board of directors were unsuccessful. Some members declined to comment while others were unreachable.