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Old Cahawba ready to host cemetery tour this Saturday

By Scottie Brown

The Selma Times-Journal

The Old Cahawba Archeological Park will be hold a cemetery walking tour this Saturday, June 7 starting at 10 a.m.

The walking tour will travel to three cemeteries within Old Cahawba, and Jack Bergstresser will serve as the archeological interpreter for the tour, telling stories of Old Cahawba’s past along the way.

“We’ll mix a little bit of history, what we know for sure about the people, along with some of the legends and ghost stories,” Bergstresser said.

The Alabama Historical Commission does several tours each year in Old Cahawba to keep Alabamians informed of the state and city histories, hoping to help the archeological park.

“It’s our belief that much of the story of the history of our state and our people is contained in that archeology, what you can learn when you go out there and dig,” Bergstresser said. “We do these tours to help people see the story that unfolded here and how it ties into the story of Alabama. If they see how important Old Cahawba is, then we are in a better position to preserve its history.”

Admission for the tour will be $8 per person, and the money will help to continue funding the park’s preservation.

“It goes into our general budgets, which then goes back to Montgomery, which then gets incorporated into our operating funds,” Bergstresser said. “That basically pays to keep the park up, which includes salaries of the employees, maintaining the budget for equipment or repairs, even pay the electric bill.”

Those wishing to attend the event Saturday can contact Bergstresser at 872-8058.

Those wanting to attend are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and bring bug spray.