Selma’s Journey School set for closure

Published 4:35 pm Saturday, March 15, 2014

After six years of educating preschool students, the Journey School is scheduled to close at the end of the academic year.

Journey School is approximately $20,000 short of the funds necessary for operational costs. Designed to provide preschool students with an educational, Journey school will close May 22.

“Ultimately, nobody wanted to see it close,” Journey School director Renee Alsobrook said. “I think there was always the possibility of trying to explore other avenues or access resources that might help bridge the gap of meeting operational funds.”

Journey School has been facing financial troubles for years. The school has held multiple fundraisers to generate more for operational costs.

Among its fundraisers was the annual Blue Jean Ball, which has contributed more than $30,000 to their operational fund.

Alsobrook said the news sadden her, since she shared so many good memories with the students at the preschool. She said her experience with the children, which she said is an honor, has taught her a lot.

“It’s been a very rewarding experience to be able to work here every day for six years, and witness first hand the benefits that inclusion brings to both kinds of children,” Alsobrook said. “It has certainly been an experience for me that I will take with me forever.”

Although the many attempts that Journey School made to meet all costs were unsuccessful, she is thankful for the many people that contributed to their efforts.

“I’m thankful that they [Selma community] have continued to support us for six years,” Alsobrook said. “I feel humbled and fortunate that the Selma community has continued to be generous to the Journey School.”

Anyone interesting in donating to Journey School, can call school at 872-1222.