Selma students to have longer days

Published 7:28 pm Friday, March 14, 2014

Longer school days are ahead for students in Selma City Schools.

The Selma City School Board unanimously approved interim superintendent Larry DiChiara’s recommendation to extend school days to makeup for the two severe weather days that forced school cancellation. From April 14 to April 25, the school day will end about an hour and 30 minutes later than usual.

“It gives us time to communicate that to our parents, so they know we will be keeping their children longer,” DiChiara said. “If we do that for an entire week, that is seven and a half hours of instruction the children will gain and that will make up for one of the days. If we do that two weeks in a row, that will make up those two.”

He said the Alabama State Department of Education allows systems to add instructional time until it makes up for school days that were not originally part of the school calendar.

For example, periods would last about 10 more additional minutes to allow for the extended school days.

The board considered using the last day of school, but felt that was not feasible since it would the same day as graduation.

DiChiara said they have also formulated options for 12-month employees to makeup the two days.

“That way everyone who has already been paid for the two days will give us their time back,” DiChiara said.