Fans confident as Iron Bowl kickoff arrives

Published 8:29 pm Friday, November 29, 2013

There’s rarely a day in the state of Alabama where the Iron Bowl doesn’t come up in a conversation or two, but the 2013 edition of the game will have the attention of the entire nation, because both teams are ranked in the top four and the game will have a large effect on the national championship picture.

Nobody knows that more than the biggest of Alabama and Auburn fans, who all seem confident in their team’s chances.

“I really think all the stars have to align. You have to have good team chemistry,” Auburn fan and Selma Quarterback Club captain Nick Horne said. “Auburn has it.  You have to have “want to.” Auburn has it. You’ve got to believe. Auburn has it. Auburn is not afraid of Goliath.”

Horne and perhaps Selma’s other biggest Auburn fan, Andy Stewart, believe the Tigers have what it takes to pull the upset. Stewart will be attending his 34th consecutive Iron Bowl this weekend and he said this year’s edition has more riding on it than any of the other ones he has been to.

“I would say more is riding on this one from a national perspective than ever before because both teams have something to play for nationally,” Stewart said.

Auburn fans are confident, but Alabama fans are dreaming of a three-peat and expect the Crimson Tide to do what they usually do: Win.

Norman Copeland, known around Selma as one of the biggest Alabama fans in existence and the guru behind the Selma Quarterback Club’s Poor Pickers, believes Alabama has too much firepower for the Tigers.

“They have as much to lose as we do as far as the SEC championship,” Copeland said. “It is going to be a pretty good knockdown, dragout but I think Alabama is going to come out way ahead.”

Copeland said Auburn has a good defense, but he expects the Crimson Tide to win by around three touchdowns.

“It is kind of hard for me to envision [Alabama] losing the game,” Copeland said. “I think we could probably beat them with our second string.”

Ronnie Leet, president of the Dallas-Wilcox County ‘Bama Club, said he believes the game will be close for nearly three quarters, but for the final 20 to 25 minutes Auburn fans might want to bring something to do.

“They may want to enjoy the pregame festivities and they may want to bring their Ipads for the end of the game to give them something to do,” Leet said.

The game is set to kickoff on CBS Saturday at 2:30 p.m.