High school senior seeks to help cancer patients

Published 10:37 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2012

As a way to recognize those affected by breast cancer and make a difference, Allison Moore, a senior at Selma High School, has been gathering donations to give to breast cancer patients at the Selma Cancer Center.

“My mother had breast cancer. She was diagnosed last year in October, so this has been a year for her,” Moore said of her mother who is now a breast cancer survivor.

Moore collected scarves, hats, socks, nail polish, crossword puzzles, blankets and other various items to give to breast cancer patients.

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“I just noticed through my mom’s journey items that the patients needed or that they used,” she said. “I wanted to collect some of those items this month and donate those to breast cancer patients.”

Donations were made at the high school, local churches and during a “Think Pink” football game held Oct. 12. Moore said that although she doesn’t know how many items have been collected, she has been impressed with the amount of community support for her campaign.

“I don’t have a number-count of everything yet because I’m still taking things up, and I just got some more stuff that my pastor gave me today,” Moore said.

Another motivator for starting this project, Moore said, was the realization that many women fighting breast cancer don’t have families to help them through their journey.

“I wanted to help those who do not have a family because a lot of times people go through doctor appointments alone,” Moore said. “So for those people who don’t have anyone, during this month I just kind of wanted to brighten their day and make them feel better.”

Moore also stressed the importance of remembering those affected by breast cancer every month, not just during October.

“Don’t wait until a particular month or Relay for Life, you should always keep these people in mind,” she said. “And not necessarily breast cancer, but any kind of cancer.”

Moore will be donating the items to the Cancer Center on Oct. 31.