Recreational hobbies that boost our economy

Published 11:07 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We are so lucky to be living in the Black Belt of Alabama, and here’s just one of the reasons why.

People from all over the country not only invest their time here, but they invest their money on outdoor, recreational hobbies that greatly benefit our city.

Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association recently released its findings on the economic impact that the Black Belt’s hunting, fishing and recreational activities have on Alabama’s economy.According to the study, about 456,290 hunters and anglers in the Black Belt spend $3,224,894 a day on their respective hobbies. Those hobbies include recreational canoe trips down the Alabama River, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bird watching and more.

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The study goes on to say that sportsmen’s spending in the Black Belt credits an estimated 10,989 jobs, with salaries and wages of $238 million and state and local taxes of $60 million, adding to the annual spending by Black Belt sportsmen has a direct and indirect impact of $972 million.

Meaning that these hobbies are not only a good thing for us, but important for us. When the city of Selma hosts events like Cabela’s King Kat Classic, it not only benefits those sportsmen who are here to participate in the events, it boosts our economy.

These recreational events bring people here from other cities who stay in our hotels, visit our grocery stores, fill up on our gas, eat at our restaurants and of course, have a great time, which ultimately brings them back.

This is something to think about next time you see a bunch of out-of-towners. They may think they’re here to vacation and participate in their hobbies, but they are also doing a great thing for our city and for us.