Residents, commission argue over requested work

Published 8:53 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

There was some dispute at the Dallas County Commission meeting Monday afternoon concerning issues of overgrown grass and road striping on Dallas County Road 26.

Rev. John Howard and resident Lewis Williams expressed concern about these issues, claiming that little attention was being given.

“We should not have to come down here and request certain things, like cutting the grass,” Howard said. “We have a county commissioner and I feel like he should ride through our neighborhood and see that these things be done but we have to come down here to request it.”

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Williams claimed overgrown grass is beginning to pose a problem with dangerous animals, like snakes, going unseen. Also, a large sinkhole near his mailbox is an issue he wanted addressed too.

Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard assured Howard and Williams these issues were being addressed in a timely fashion, but due to funding problems and other issues in Dallas County, they haven’t been addressed yet.

“As soon as we get the funding for it, the road will be paved,” Ballard said, and he also added that there are several other roads that need repairs as well, like Old Montgomery Highway, which will be repaired Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The intersection at U.S. Highway 80 East to the railroad tracks will be blocked off Tuesday and Wednesday, county engineer Coosa Jones said.

“It’s a very short distance,” Jones said. “We’re going to start by cleaning and filling the cracks and then we’re going to put a surface treatment on it and then we’ll resurface it.”

Ballard added the commission is doing everything they can to address these roads problems.