Olympics will have a touch of Selma

Published 8:25 pm Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Selma native will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience when he travels to London this summer in support of his country.

Dr. Rob Meadows of the Auburn-based Meadows Family Chiropractic will be one of many doctors who will travel to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London to work with U.S. athletes.

Meadows, who was born in Selma in 1972, graduated high school from Morgan Academy in 1991 and attended Westside and Selma High before going to Auburn University, and still frequently visits family in Selma.

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When he arrives in London, Meadows will be working with USA wrestling, weightlifting and martial arts competitors.

“I’m a part of a group called Maximize Living, and Maximize Living is the official chiropractor provider for those individual groups, so what I actually did in my training several years ago was I became a doctor in chiropractic, but then I went for another year of additional studies to learn how to adjust properly feet, ankles and knees,” Meadows said. “Being a part of Maximize Living and being a sports physician, that pretty much put me in a place where I could come into the role with this other national group of doctors to work with these athletes.”

Meadows said his office in Auburn works to help individuals and athletes in five particular areas.

“My office is what we call a ‘five-essentials office.’ Instead of just treating muscular, skeletal problems or back pain that you might think of with the traditional chiropractor, what we do is we focus on performance of the individual, reversing and eliminating disease processes such as diabetes, teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle so they never develop those problems in the first place,” Meadows said. “Mindset is last of the five. Athletes in particular are laser focused, and they have to visualize and see themselves winning and doing it. If you’ve got a negative mindset … then, you know what, you will only achieve what your mind believes.”

Meadows said he’s ready to assist in any capacity he’s needed, and he’s thrilled about the opportunity to go to the Olympics.

“It feels amazing. I’m so excited, and frankly, just honored to be a part in whatever role I get to play,” Meadows said. “There’s over 100 different doctors in my group that are going, there’s several different events and groups that we’ll be working with, so until I get there I won’t know what I’ll be assigned to, but just being chosen is a massive honor.”