Make sure you’re living in 3D

Published 9:04 pm Monday, July 9, 2012

The pictures appeared to be jumping off of the wall. Everything seemed to cross the threshold of the world in which I found myself. It seemed like it was a portal that brought me in and out of that world but I knew better.

I had never left the comfortable chair in which I sat. During the two and a half hours I sat there, I, and the others who sat in the dark room along with me, had a vivid optical experience.

I could tell because every time I saw a multi-dimensional object flying towards me, they would scream with excitement.

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I removed the glasses from my face to see if I would get the same dramatic experience. What a mistake!

Everything on the screen became blurry and appeared out of focus. Things were not so exciting with the glasses off.

Fortunately, I decided to put the glasses back on at the right time because immediately I was drawn back into a world of bliss. I ducked with everyone else as pie was being thrown at our faces. The glasses that we wore made us feel like we were literally in the film.

Life had become 3D . Imagine, what would your life be like if you lived it in 3D? Wouldn’t life be exciting?

Life was never meant to be lived in 2D. A life that is lived in 2D only has height and width. You never really appreciate all that life has to offer because everything appears to be flat. There is nothing unique or intriguing about life. Life becomes boring!

If you choose to live in 2D, you will become comfortable with your environment. So, instead of enjoying life, you make yourself busier than ever.

Behind a 2D life are dormant animated objects that have been suppressed and ignored. To determine if your life is 2D, make a few of the following observations: Do you find yourself frustrated more than blissful? Are you busy working or are you busy living? Are you more focused on building a career or building a life? Are you more focused on other’s opinions of you or are you focused on helping others?

Your answers to these questions will assist you to determine whether or not you’re living a two-dimensional life. It is difficult to live a harmonious life when your life severely lacks depth and clarity. Instead, everything appears blurry and fuzzy.

If you are living a 3D life, the way life was meant to be lived, you have height, width and depth.

It is so much easier to concentrate on the pleasant things of life, as well as navigate through what others would consider tumultuous. So much extra information is discovered when you gain your sense of depth — it’s much easier to interpret your surroundings and your life.

Moreover, a 3D life is an authentic life. Such a life is filled with substance and has a great deal of positive traits. A 3D life is like an enchanted forest, allowing you to feel as if you can walk right into the scene!

Life was never meant to be 2D. Everything was created in 3D. In fact, the human eye sees in 3D. If you were created to see in 3D, you should also live your life in 3D.

So put on your glasses because we want to see you.