Selma kids talk about dad

Published 8:54 pm Saturday, June 16, 2012

Several kids helped the Times-Journal write a story about their fathers. Top, from left: Hadley Verhoff, Mason Mims, Ethan Hearon, Kennedy Brooks, Ashanti Davis; Bottom, from left: Chris Gordon, Peyton Huffman, Clay Friday, Hayden Bradley, Travis Jones

Father’s Day is a time for children of all ages to remember and celebrate their dads, and for most of these 4- and 5-year-olds, play catch with their dads.

In between bites of watermelon and playing with cars from their toy chest, the kids in Kathryn Lenoir’s class at Little People Day Care, talked about what they love most about their fathers. Some were shyer than others and others wanted to spend all day describing how big their father’s truck and tractor are.

“I like to play catch football with him,” Chris Gordon said of his dad.

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“I throw the baseball with mine,” Mason Mims added. “He’s good at baseball.”

“I have fun when we play with tennis balls,” Clay Friday said. “My dad is good at catch.”

Although it seemed most everyone in the class enjoyed playing catch with their fathers the most, some talked about their fathers’ cooking and driving skills, as well.

“I like his steak,” Hadley Verhoff said of her dad. “He’s a good cooker.”

“I like it when my dad takes me for a ride in the big truck,” Travis Jones said.

Trips to area parks and playgrounds were also a favorite activity for the children to do with their fathers.

“I like playing with my dad on the playground,” Ashanti Davis said. “My favorite are the swings.”

“I love when we play hide and seek,” Hayden Bradley said. “He’s good at that.”

“When we go fishing and to the park is my favorite,” Ethan Hearon said. “It’s fun.”

“My dad is a good fisher too,” Kennedy Brooks added. “We like to fish.”

Although each child’s favorite experience alongside their fathers differed, there was one thing each of the children could agree on; each child loves their father very much.

“I love my dad because he loves me so much,” Peyton Huffman said. “And because he always lets me play on our computer when he’s done with it. I really like playing on the computer.”

Times-Journal reporter Ashley Johnson helped contribute to this article