How many more have to die for us to act?

Published 11:50 pm Monday, February 20, 2012

There comes a point and time when words become useless. And, for us to make that statement in newspaper filled with the written word is both ironic and sad.

But, it is nonetheless true.

For far too long we have written about the need for community action in finding ways to curb gun violence in Selma. For far too long, we have called on civic leaders to stand side-by-side with city, county and state law enforcement to say, “enough is enough.”

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And for far too long, we have heard nothing but silence.

We know ask the question, how many lives have to be lost to gun violence in Selma before there is an uprising against it? We ask, what will it take for this generation of Selmians to take stand against a wrong that is routinely killing our city’s future?

Apparently, our words and the actions of some church leaders and the police have not done enough.

If it had been enough, would some individuals have found the need to open fire on a Marie Foster Street home early Friday morning, killing 30-year-old Bridgett Woods as she slept in her bed?

If it had been enough, would area residents have thought it was a good idea to ring in the New Year by firing shots into the night air?

Selma must figure out — and figure out quickly — that this is not news we create or enjoy reporting. This is not news we go out looking for or hope happens again.

No, we live in this community, we go to church here and we seek to raise our families here.

This is our home and this is news that is killing our home, one person at a time.