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Last-minute Valentine’s

Judy Harris, at Albritton’s, puts the finishing touches on a vase-full of red roses scheduled for delivery on Valentine’s Day. -- Robert Hudson

While some have their Valentine’s Day plans sealed weeks in advance, others often find themselves scrambling at the last second to find a gift for that special someone.

While the romantic gesture of having roses delivered to your sweetheart’s workplace for all her coworkers to see is usually out of the question for those doing Valentine’s Day shopping the day of, local gift stores still have gifts in store for those last-minute customers.

“We still have roses and we still have pretty much everything right now,” Bill Albritton, owner of Albritton’s Flowers, said. “The problem is going to be tomorrow (Feb. 14) getting it all delivered. You won’t be able to promise any times or anything. There will be a cutoff, probably mid-morning, we won’t be able to take any more orders to be delivered tomorrow (Feb. 14).”

Albritton said he expects to deliver hundreds of gift’s on Valentine’s Day, and it never fails that customers will call at the last minute looking to place a delivery order.