Founding fathers would be disappointed

Published 10:41 pm Saturday, January 21, 2012

By Byrd Looper

You are now into your fourth year as president, and hopefully your last. Your three years in the Oval Office have been a complete disaster in my opinion and have diminished America’s status as the world’s greatest nation in many ways.

Your penchant for pointing fingers and playing the blame game is disgusting. It has been on your watch that so many negative things have happened. You like to blame Bush and Congress for our problems, but the “buck” stops with you. You seem to forget that Congress was controlled by Democrats two years before you took office.

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You  campaigned on a theme of “hope and change” and that you would be the one to unite our nation. Instead, your class warfare rhetoric throughout your presidency has done nothing but create division. Today there is less hope, and your changes have been a disaster, Mr. President.

For starters your infusion of taxpayers’ money in the amount of over eight billion dollars was supposed to be the stimulus to create jobs. This stimulus has done nothing for jobs with the unemployment rate ranging from 8.5 to 10 percent.

Where has this money gone?

There have been reports that the money has gone into a political slush fund.