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Dallas schools receive grants

In a room full of smiles at the Tally Ho Restaurant, teachers and administrators for local schools and nonprofit organizations received an early Christmas present in the form of $56,800 in grants from the International Paper Co. Foundation and Riverdale Mill.

Twenty-six grants were awarded out of 60 applications, Riverdale Mill Manager Russell Harris said, which made it tough to narrow the field. In the end, Harris said he was happy to be able to help those who qualified.

“We are pleased to award these grant funds today to our local schools and nonprofit groups,” Harris said. “We know these organizations and schools will take the funds and make a big impact in our community.”

Nine of the grants funded included employee involvement sponsorship as part of the application, which means Riverdale Mill employees volunteered with the agency or school for a minimum of six months.

The Selma City Schools and Dallas County Schools each received a $2,500 grant along with two $1,500 grants for Brantley Elementary School, a $3,000 grant for Bruce K. Craig Elementary School, $3,107.50 for the Burnsville Volunteer Fire Department, $1,950 for Byrd Elementary School, $2,150 and 2,050.90 for Cedar Park Elementary School, $3,000 for Dallas County High School, $1,500 for Edgewood Elementary School, $3,000, $750, and $750 for Five Points Elementary School, $4,650 for J.E. Terry Elementary School, $3,000 for Keith High School, $3,,046 at Meadowview Elementary, $1,305 for Sabra Sanctuary, $2,000, $400 and $156 for Selma CHAT Academy, $1,695 for Shiloh Elementary School, $2,,289 for Southside High School, $3,000 for Tipton Middle School, $3,000 for Valley Grande Elementary School, and $3,000 for Martin Middle School.Harris said he and everyone at International Paper are excited to do their part to help the community.

“The grants provided through the International Paper Foundation are helpful to local schools and agencies, but the involvement of our employees can help multiply the benefits many times over,” he said.

“I’d like to thank all of the teachers and agency representatives for the work they do as well as thank our employee volunteers and the mill’s grant review committee for their efforts.”

Harris also thanked Pam Frasier for the long hours she put in to make the event possible.

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