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God is there to guide us through

Imagine God’s dilemma. Time and time again He tried to get His message of love through to His creation with little response. He sent Noah, but people laughed him to scorn when he began to build a huge boat in his backyard. After all, they had never seen rain. Later he sent Moses whose leadership was often questioned. Still in love with humanity, They were rejected by many, and in some cases, it even lead to murder. Finally, when there was no other way, God wrapped up His message of love and came in person naming Himself Emmanuel. Think about the meaning of that name, God is with us! No matter where we are in life, God is always there.

During this Christmas season you may be asking yourself how is God with me? With everything appearing dark and gloomy it may make it a little more difficult to see God. But remember the gentlemen who suffered from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and found himself in a dark room? Like him, if we stay in the dark long enough eventually our eyes adjust. Darkness causes our pupils to dilate which causes our eyes to be attracted to even the slightest glimmer of light, regardless of the source. Think about how we respond when we’re in a dark room and someone flips on the switch. Instantly the room is flooded with light. Chances are, our first response is to turn the light back off. Once we’ve been in the dark for a while, our eyes don’t expect light, and when it comes we aren’t immediately receptive. So in an attempt to stay in the darkness we may be tempted to pull the covers over our heads. Christmas reminds us that God has chosen to flip on the switch in our lives and say to us that He is here.

What a wonderful thought to know that God is right here with us. He is not housed in a church or any other place of worship. But, He is right here with us. When we wake up tomorrow morning He will be with us. When we go to bed tonight, God will be there with us. When we experience sickness in our bodies or minds, He is there. When family and friends turn their backs on us, God is there. When the world seems to be caving in with the pressures of life on your shoulders, you guessed right, He is there. Be encouraged, wherever we are, God is already there ready to see us through. We are going to make it. I am so thrilled to know that He loves us so much that he chooses to always be there for us.