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Angels need to be returned

By the end of the day Friday, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree campaign will have come to a close.

Just two weeks ago, spirits were high because the last angel had been adopted from the trees that were placed at Walgreen’s and Dave’s Market. Only days after Thanksgiving, it appeared the campaign was well ahead of schedule.

Friday marks a new deadline, and as of Thursday afternoon, almost 300 angels were still without gifts. Every name on the trees was removed, meaning people made a commitment to provide gifts for those angels by Dec. 9. That day has come. If you have not shopped for your angel, please do so as soon as possible. It’s important for the Salvation Army to have everything in place so deliveries can go as smoothly as possible. If representatives of the Salvation Army are forced to hit the stores for last-minute shopping, the entire process slows. In addition to the extra stress of shopping, a lack of returns places extra stress on the Salvation Army’s budget for other programs. If you adopted an angel, please do the right thing and drop off the gifts as soon as possible. Your donations will have a positive impact on one family’s Christmas and many others throughout the year..