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Goodman found guilty on all charges

William Goodman was found guilty on all charges Wednesday in Dallas County Circuit Court for his role in the beating, kidnapping and attempted murder of Wallace Daniels on Nov. 8, 2010.

Goodman, District Attorney Michael Jackson said, is expected to receive a life sentence on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and first degree robbery, as well as a 20-year sentence for theft.

By not entering a guilty plea, Jackson said Goodman played a dangerous game and lost.

“William Goodman decided to roll the dice and got bit,” he said. “Pitts pled guilty, Goodman rolled the dice.”

The case was prosecuted by Shannon Lynch and Daniel McBrayer of the Fourth Judicial Circuit office.

Jackson said there will be a pre-sentence investigation and report before an official sentencing takes place.

Goodman, along with Jonathan Samuel Wayne Pitts, 24, were arrested last year after they knocked on the door of Daniels’ home, and asked him to take them to get some gasoline.

When Daniels refused, the suspects kicked open the door and hit the victim with something, forcing the elderly man to his knees.

The attackers ripped apart some extension cords, tied up the victim and put him in his truck, the blue 1992 Chevrolet.

Once they arrived at a large lake on Arrowhead Road, Goodman and Pitts attempted to cut Daniels’ throat, stabbed him in the neck and back, and held him under water until they believed he was dead.

Daniels pretended to be unconscious and when Goodman and Pitts left, he was able to crawl to safety.

On July 29, Pitts pleaded guilty Friday before Circuit Judge Jack Meigs to his role in the kidnapping and attempted murder.

Pitts received 35 years for attempted murder, 35 years for kidnapping first degree and 10 years for the theft charges.

Jackson said he hopes the sentence will serve as an example that this behavior will not be allowed in Dallas County.

“We’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior where the defendant did everything they could to kill a citizen of Dallas County,” he said.

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